The most creative people
in the world have a true
passion for living.

About Me

I couldn't swear that I'm not nuts, naive - yes. Looking back I have to wonder what was going on in the head of a 19 year old who thought he could just go and open a monster museum and make a living at it. I had no training, no business sense, no connections, and no money. But I did have enthusiasm and lots of it. The 'talent' was raw but the sincerity was, and still is genuine.

I have to give credit to those who believed in me and saw something in me I wasn't even sure I had, starting with my parents. When I told them of my crazy plans, there was absolutely no effort from them to thwart my ridiculous ideas. They even loaned me money to begin my voyage into the unknown. Together they instilled (by example) fairness and hard work. My mother taught my brothers and I the word of God. All four of us (brothers) became good men.

I've been in business for 25 years because I've never cheated anyone, given it the best I had, kept up with and stayed ahead of the market, never tried selling something I didn't feel would benefit the customer and always communicated with the customer so he would be abreast of every aspect of the job. But mostly, I've enjoyed making smiles with my work. Smiles turn to laughter, laughter heals, healing is healthy and everybody wants that!

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