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Sherry Burner Cline

SherryBClinePartners in business and in marriage.

Sherry is the COO and CFO of Enchanted Castle Studios, Dinosaur Kingdom II, and Haunting Tales, Lexington’s Ghost Tour. Sherry has been Mark Cline's one-woman road crew supporting his unique career for many years. Often unseen, Sherry works as the production and marketing manager, and transforms him into different characters for performances. She and or their daughters are Marks' assistants for his magic illusions. She is always working hard to keep Mark's creative genius on track. Some would say that Sherry's job is like steering a cruise ship with a canoe paddle.

Sherry B. Cline has creative talent as well. A few hours a week, as a family tradition (having five barbers in the family) and a cosmetologist by trade, she fulfills the need to help people look and feel good about themselves.
Being a farmer’s daughter, she helps her daddy feed and work all his cattle and has a small herd of her own. She loves four wheeling, floating on the river, and working in her flower gardens as much as she can.   She has also volunteered for Project Horizon and has danced in the past with three different dance studios. Even though she is crazy busy, she still takes time to have coffee in the mornings with her dad and mom.

Sherry loves her horse, Roxy, her dog, Jackson, her cats, Molly and Yellie, and most of all her two daughters, Sunny and Jenna, her shining stars.

Sherry B. Cline
Enchanted Castle Studios
COO, CFO, & General Manager

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