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April Fool's Pranks

Unfortunately I can't feature all my April Fool's pranks in here. Some could probably get me in trouble. Like a cat burglar in the night, I would wear all black and secretly install my displays into place under the cover of darkness. By sunrise April 1st an unsuspecting audience would be exposed to something crawling down a building, hanging from a pole or a bridge.

Other pranks require effort and cooperation from other fun spirited people who want in on the joke. Since 2001 elaborate displays have been assembled on willing land owners property beginning with;

*The flying saucer invasion near Lexington, VA built from old satellite dishes - 2001

*The Town That Time Forgot dinosaurs throughout the town of Glasgow VA - 2003

*Foamhenge, Natural Bridge - 2004 - click click to see it.

*2005 - 2006 - Top Secret

*Dinosaur crossing, Rockingham County - 2007

*Batman and Spiderman on buildings in Lexington, VA - 2008

*Elephants crossing the Blue Ridge - Waynesboro, VA - 2009

*Horses on Masonic Theater - Covington, VA - 2010

*Jack's Killing Service, Giant hands in Daleille, VA 2011

*Russian Submarine in lake at Gypsy Hill Park, Staunton, VA 2012

*Giant ant on water tower, Goshen, VA 2013

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