The most creative people
in the world have a true
passion for living.

Enchanted Castle Tour

The Studio Tour 1992 - 2000 was all about controlled madness. Where else could one go to sit on the lap of a 10 foot tick, marry a frog, get zapped to Venus, sink on the Titanic, explore the many secret passages, watch a pig bungee jump, then share a lollypop with it's creator on the rainbow bridge all in one day.
The tour itself was an experiment aimed to stimulate the senses of unsuspecting tourists who came not knowing exactly what to expect. The fifteen minute tour led people from the "beginning", an experience that mixed the book of Genesis with being born, a walk through the ups and downs and events of life, and eventually beyond the "the end". My words at the close of the tour was always, "There are no endings, just beginnings." summed up the tour that was about the madness and unpredictability of this thing called life which of course is its true beauty.

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