The most creative people
in the world have a true
passion for living.

My Personal Favorites

Out of the thousands of photos I've appeared in (many lost in the fire of 2001) I've picked out a few of my favorites that put me in times and places that meant the most to me, with the exception of family photos (I do cherish my private life with them) . I've come to realize my fondest memories are not of this sculpture I built here or that show I did there but where and when I was with a woman who loved me, my wife, Sherry. She appears with me in several photos which in themselves are not spectacular but place us in mid-kiss under a "Discover the Magic" sign in New York City, or silhouetting the sunset behind the Golden Gate Bridge, enjoying a salad in London, having a beer at a bistro in Paris, or simply holding one of our babies outside of a Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Staunton, VA, says to me we did it all and kicked ass in spite of all the challenges.

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